NIGHTCAP is a newly launched show on The Youth Channel that seeks to equip teens and young adults with the practical skills, resources, and advice needed to navigate through life all while having a few laughs. Each show features a 14-minute interview with a professional in the topic being addressed. The show then closes with a short interview and performance of a young, up-and-coming or established artist i.e. musicians, poets, dancers, singers, rappers, etc.
Singer/songwriter/producer Venor a.k.a. Mr. RnB performs his song "Queen of the Ring" for Nightcap Spotlight. Get to know him more at
Zeyi a Harlem-based rapper who has an eclectic flow. Zeyi has opened for a number of artists including Manolo Rose, Dave East, and Talib Kweli, to name a few. Zeyi was also part of the renown Dean's List Tour and could be seen performing in venues throughout New York including Webster Hall, Sounds of Brazil and the Lox Lounge. #ZeyiSays

In the wake of unconstitutional practices such as Stop and Frisk and police using excessive force, the faces of our youth are at risk of being slammed against the concrete or the hood of a car on any given day. So, on this episode of NIGHTCAP, criminal justice professional Janet Garcia-Hallett speaks facts on the rights of teens and what are some of the things they and their parents can do if they ever come in contact with the juvenile justice system. The show ends with the poignant prose of spoken word artist Penda Smith.
The Youth Channel is a production from The Youth Media Center, (YMC) housed at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center. The YMC has a mission to develop 21st-century communicators and critical thinkers. The YMC provides New York City youth with high-quality media production education classes and training programs to encourage critical analysis of local, national and international social justice issues; community activism; and personal and professional development. Introductory classes are offered in field and studio production. YMC’s Youth Channel offers young people opportunities to produce and distribute visual media that addresses contemporary human rights, social justice and concerns relevant to young people living, working and attending school in New York City. Programs are cablecast Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on MNN Channel 4. Learn more at

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